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Poisonous frogs tend to advertise their toxicity with bright colours.

Are You a Bad Sports Parent? - 75% of youth sports coaches say most parents place too much emphasis on their child winning games. 95% of coaches have seen a parent yell at a referee during a game, setting an example of poor sportsmanship for their young athlete that will stay with them long after the game ends.

Find Support In Your Vegan Quest At Portland Vegfest - Adopting a vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diet -- not to mention a complete plant-based lifestyle -- may not be easy. It takes motivation and dedication ... and often a strong support group. You can find all of this at Portland Vegfest.

Covert Maneuvers - Episode One, Part Ten - The U.S.S. Symphony has become a pawn in a deadly game of treachery between rival factions, extremists who'll stop at nothing to achieve absolute control of the Federation. In part ten of this new Star Trek story by Jonathan Mycroft, tensions mount as the crew of the Symphony encounters an old foe.

VegfestUK - The Place To Be For All Things Vegan - Do you want to feel healthier, lose weight, and maybe make the world a better place? Maybe it's time to consider a vegan lifestyle. We spoke with Alan Lee, one of the organizers of VegfestUK, about the event, about vegan foods, and about what it takes to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

Poll: Diet Choices - You are what you eat. So what do you eat? How would you describe your diet? Carnivore? Mostly vegetarian? Fully vegetarian? Vegetarian, almost vegan? Vegan all the way? Share your tastes in our latest poll.

Smokey Bear Celebrates 70th Birthday - Smokey Bear, the icon featured in the longest running public service campaign in U.S. history, is turning 70 years old this summer. His trademark, "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires" -- has helped reduce the area of forests lost to wildfires and educated generations on fire safety.

The Garden - A comic strip set in a garden populated by intelligent plants and insects. This week, Daisy recruits a quarterback.

Punished Props For Serious Cosplay - Remember when we were kids and we'd tie a towel around our neck and pretend we were superheros? Well, we're not children anymore; we're adults. But that doesn't mean we should stop playing. It means we should be better at it! Helping us do that is Bill "Chinbeard" Doran, cosplay prop and costume maker extraordinaire at Punished Props.

Custom Wood Urns by Luke Thornton - Luke Thornton is an artist and master craftsman in Oregon specializing in wood sculpting. We spoke with him about his technique in creating beautiful custom wood urns, dealing with loss, and the value of art.

Top Toys of 2013 - After rigorous review by families from across the country, this year's top 30 toys have been selected by FamilyFun magazine for its 22nd annual Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Awards. The 30 winning toys deliver child-tested play value and fun factor, along with innovation, durability, and safety, after being selected from more than 300 contenders.

What is Energy Star and why does it matter? - Years ago, you'd buy an appliance and think nothing of plugging it into your wall and turning it on. You didn't worry about how much energy it used or where that energy came from. Energy was cheap and most of us had never heard of global warming. Times have changed!

Can You Be Vegetarian And Healthy? - A certain well-known actress reportedly stated that she was a vegan for a long time but that the diet nearly killed her because she wasn't getting enough nutrition. Yet, there are many people who don't eat meat and who enjoy health most of us would envy. What's their secret? What's the key to a healthy vegetarian lifestyle?

Who's Watching You? - Are you concerned about your online privacy? Some people feel they have nothing to hide so there's nothing to worry about. Others feel that any invasion of our privacy damages us, whether we have something to hide or not. Who worries you the most? Let us know in our latest poll.

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